Slovak in Bologna: working full-time is a rare phenomenon, you gotta fight your way to your own paycheck

Italians don’t know Slovakia. Spaghetti bolognese doesn’t exist. Following the traffic rules is a pure rarity. Kids participate in Italian nightlife without restrictions and public breastfeeding is not judged at all. This article sums up myths about Italy from the viewpoint of a young Slovak woman living in Bologna, Italy. Italy, known by many as […]

The Ups and Downs of 2017

Despite my 2016 is remembered for the two BIG things – graduating from uni and beginning of the internship in Bologna, Italy, 2017 was a bit juicier. My major (naïve) expectation from 2017 included landing my dream job in Italy without any particular effort. As you can guess, the opposite is truth and my muscle of […]

Why is ERASMUS+ not for everyone

What no one tells you about the ERASMUS+ study placement. Are you already packing up for your first ERASMUS+? Congrats then! You’re at the rightest place. I’m neither the first, nor the last person experiencing and writing about ERASMUS+, yet my friends, here you find the answers you are ashamed of asking your university tutor […]

Bologna, my new home

This blog was supposed to be the parallel project with my study mobility in Italy. Some kind of an online diary. Man proposes, God disposes. Two years have passed since my first arrival in Bologna and yet, I still do live in this sin city without writing a comma. It’s about right time to recapitulate […]