This blog is like a genuine Italian. It appeared after a long and loud talk and not giving a hoot about being in delay.

About the author

  • born in Košice, Slovakia (Naples of the East)
  • kept on falling in love with Non-Slovakians until ending up in Italy
  • graduated in linguistics, and thus predestined to be all geeky about translation, interpreting and foreign languages
  • English language teacher
  • the encyclopaedia of usefullless information
  • the infinite foodie and coffee lover with the infinite tapeworm
  • rather apprehensive about the worst possible future scenario, but playin’ it cool by being meticulous scrupulous predictive (mostly about what and where to eat)
  • cosmopolitan
  • minimalism, ecology and theatre freak
  • certainly a dog in the past life
  • secondhands addict & ecology devotee

About the blog

This is not another of the foodblogs, even if I wish I had the capacity to run one. Nevertheless, Bolognam links the two inseparable elements of my life. The city where I have decided to settle down despite all the obstacles (mostly those mental ones) and insatiable hunger for bolognese food finding the inner Italian self.

This blog maps everyday pleasures and sorrows of living in Italy through the lens you are most likely not used to see.

Denisa Ivancinova

Who is this blog dedicated to? 

All of you suffering from Italophilia with strong adoration of spaghetti meatballs as a staple dish of the South European cuisine. Starbucks? Rather don’t say this out loud here…Forget about Julia Roberts from Eat, Pray, Love. If your mind is hopelessly deviated by being raised as a Central European, then your day-to-day reality in Italy is as romantic as the rendez-vous of Fantozzi and Miss Silvani.

This blog is based on true story. Learnt the hard way. Patterned on many embarassing humorous clashes with the internationally loved Italian culture and swallowing the one’s pride by hitting the road leading to the nirvana called DOLCE VITA.

Welcome to [bo-loh-nyam]!

In the city under the two towers, at the hayseed of a plump and sumptuous signora with expensive jewellery.

Benvenuti a Bologna!